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How often in life can you make a real difference? Rehoboth Beach Patrol lifeguards can and do make a difference to lives and livelihoods. Not everyone is up to the challenge. Imagine testing your own limits on a daily basis, mentally and physically. Growing more confident each day as you rise to each challenge. The RBP will provide you with opportunities to make friends for life who have risen to the challenge with you. Past RBP lifeguards have taken the rise-to-the-challenge mentality with them to achieve accolades in industries’ within Delaware, Nationally, and Internationally.


2024 Employment Information

All persons interested in applying for the Rehoboth Beach Patrol need to fill out an application form and complete a tryout in the Spring of 2024.

Saturday March 9th 2024 – Sussex Academy High School 10:30 am 

Saturday March 16th 2024 – Sussex County YMCA 10:00 am

Saturday April 13th 2024 – Lake Forest High School 9:00 am 

Please bring running and workout attire and bathing suit with towel.  

If you have any questions contact Captain Giles by email ( or Cell phone (302)-530-7283.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol. Since 1921, the beach patrol has been assisting distressed swimmers and beach bathers on Rehoboth’s beaches. Needless to say, we are very concerned about the quality of personnel that protect and serve our beach patrons.

Persons seeking employment as ocean rescue personnel must meet several criteria to be considered for a position of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol. They are as follows:

  • You must be 16 years of age for employment at the start of the Summer Season. Individuals who are 15 years of age can still tryout but will need to be 16 years of age on or before the Memorial Day Weekend.
  • You must be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid.
  • You must pass a pre-employment physical test. The test is designed to evaluate your running and swimming capabilities as well as your ability to follow instructions.
  • Upon successful completion of the pre-employment test, the Captain of the patrol will interview you.
  • You must be in excellent physical shape the first day of work. All rookies, regardless of experience or certifications, must participate in a rigorous training program supervised by a section lieutenant. This training culminates in a ‘Rookie Test’ in mid-July. You must have 25 training days to take the test so attendance is emphasized. All rookies must attempt to qualify for and take the ‘Rookie Test’. If you fail to complete a workout session or fail to perform satisfactorily based on your lieutenant’s evaluation, you will be counseled. Failure to perform on a consistent basis will lead to dismissal.
  • You must be prepared to learn. Every beach has it’s own particular hazards and rules, which you will be expected to know. The lieutenants and veteran guards will take an active interest in you becoming competent with the beach patrol’s rules, procedures, and organization. We will also train you to be the best surf-lifeguard possible. A beach patrol handbook has been developed which covers most of the information you will need to learn. This handbook will be dispersed once you are hired. All members of the patrol must pass a cognitive test on the material in the handbook, as well as a general lifesaving and first aid test upon returning each year.

Surf-Lifeguard Pre-Employment Test – 2024

To be considered for hire, all parts of the following test must be passed:

  1. Run 1 mile continuously (must complete in under 7:30 minutes)
  2. Push-ups (Females- 30 push-ups in 1 minute / Males- 40 push-ups in 1 minute)
  3. Sit-ups (Females- 40 sit-ups in 1 minute / Males- 50 sit-ups in 1 minute)
  4. Swim 500 meters/550 yards (must complete in under 10 minutes)
  5. Sprint swim 100 yards (must complete in under 1:30 seconds)
  6. 25 yard underwater swim without surfacing (1 length of pool)
  7. Perform pool rescues (cross-chest)
    1. Without equipment of any sort, perform a simulated rescue: swim 50 yards to passive victim; move victim to horizontal position; tow victim using a cross chest carry 25 yards back to shallow end of pool; release on command. Do not let go of victim before instructed to do so and do not make contact with pool bottom or walls at any time.
    2. Perform the following deep-water rescue: while in a short approach to the victim, observe victim sink beneath pool surface. Upon reaching victim’s former position perform a surface dive to bottom of pool (8 feet deep) and return victim to the surface in a cross-chest carry.

The following items must be brought to the test site or participation will not be allowed:

  1. The Application for Employment  and the of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol. This form must be completely and properly filled out and signed by you or your guardian if less than 18 years of age on test date.
  2. Proof of age. You may submit a certified copy of your birth or baptismal certificate, a valid United States passport, or a valid driver’s license.
  3. A physical is not required for the test but is recommended for your safety.
  4. Appropriate clothing for the test. A swimsuit, goggles, towel, sweatshirt, gym shorts or sweatpants are examples of what will be needed.




After the pre employment test, Captain Giles will conduct a brief interview with each applicant.

Please call to schedule the test session that will be most convenient for you.

  • Captain Giles –  302-530-7283


Please feel free to call about any questions or concerns you might have. While entry to the Rehoboth Beach Patrol is difficult and time consuming, it is well worth the effort. Rehoboth has one of the finest open water beach patrols in the United States. Members of the patrol make friendships that endure a lifetime. Work Hard-Play Hard.

Rookie Test

rookietestAll first year guards must pass the traditional ‘Rookie Test’. To be eligible for this test a rookie must have a minimum of 25 workout days prior to the day of the test. The test is a 10-event competition in which the declared winner is the patrol’s Rookie-of-the-Year. Not to mention being recognized as a superior athlete and lifeguard. This person receives a paid day off and the Captains Plaque. The testing date usually falls between the 2nd and 3rd week of July. The two-day competition consists of the following events:

Day 1

  • Run-Swim-Run (Morning)
  • 1-Mile Boardwalk Swim (Afternoon)

Day 2

  • ½ Mile Run
  • Sprint Swim
  • Push-Up Contest
  • 220 yard Soft Sand Sprint
  • Buoy Charges
  • Line Charges
  • Timed Underwater Breath Hold
  • Ocean Rescues, with and without Buoy

Returning Veteran Lifeguards 

Note: Please notify Captain Giles on or before March 01, 2024 by email ( or phone (302-530-7283) if you are returning. 

To start the application process click the link below