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USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships

Each year lifeguards who patrol the beaches throughout our region come together to compete in the USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships. The purpose of such an event is to showcase the skills and knowledge it takes to be a lifeguard. The day is filled with action-packed events that can’t be seen in any other forum. So grab your camera and head to the beach. The venue is located directly in front of Rehoboth Beach Patrol Headquarters on Baltimore Ave. and Rehoboth Ave. For all participants, please read the text below as it will prove helpful in preparing for the competition.

Schedule 2023

  • Mid Atlantics (non craft) Rehoboth, DE – July 12 @ 10:00 AM
  • Mid Atlantics (crafts) Long Branch, NJ – July 18 @ 11:00 AM
  • Mid Atlantic Junior Guard – Cape May, NJ – July 25 @ 10:00 AM
  • USLA Nationals Championships – Virginia Beach, VA – August 9-12

Event Order

  1. 2 Kilometer Beach Run
  2. Beach Relay
  3. Surf Race
  4. Rescue Race
  5. Landline Rescue Race
  6. Board Rescue Race
  7. Run-Swim-Run
  8. Beach Flags

Competition Requirements

Participants must be in good standing as defined by the by-laws of the United States Lifesaving Association and must have a chapter affiliation. Proof of USLA membership must be submitted upon registration. A $25 registration fee is required for this event.

Competition Rules

  1. Competition beanies are optional in every event.
  2. Heats: There will be no more than 15 competitors per event. (Except Run-Swim-Run)
  3. The order of age groups will always be Open, Women, Senior, Master, and Veteran. Masters and Veterans may be combined.
  4. Masters/Veterans events will be run as finals in the morning and not be restricted to the 15 per event rule.


Open – USLA Members of all ages

Women – USLA Females of all ages

Master’s – Age groups are 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+


Awards for each event will be distributed following the conclusion of that event, once results are final. All awards must be picked up on the day of the event from the grandstand. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded in the Open Division.

Beach and Course Topography

beachview2The competition course is located in the center of Rehoboth Beach’s Boardwalk, between Baltimore and Rehoboth Avenues. The dimension of the beach changes weekly due to the effect of the pounding surf. The beach has a 25-35 degree drop to the surf line. Bordering the course on both sides are wood and steel groins. Both extended 20-30 yards into the ocean.

Event Descriptions

2 Kilometer Beach Run


All competitors entered in Open, Women, Seniors, Masters and Veterans divisions will race at the same time. The race is a 2 kilometer run on hard sand: 1 kilometer out and 1 kilometer back.

Surf Race

The Open Division will lead the swim, followed by the Women, Seniors, then a combined Masters/Veterans Division. All competitors will race the same swim course. The Open Division will lead the swim, followed by the Women, Seniors, then a combined Masters/Veterans Division. Competitors will start from a line on the beach, run into the surf, swim around all ten multi-colored flags, swim back to the beach, and run up to the finish line. The competitors must maintain an upright position while crossing the finish line. USLA officials will hand out placement sticks in accordance with finishing positions.

Rescue Race


The event is only an Open and Women’s Divisions. Four competitors from each team participate in this event: a “victim”, one rescue tube swimmer, and two rescuers. The victim swims approximately 120m to a designated buoy, signals, and waits to be rescued by the rescue tube swimmer.  As they return to shore, the remaining two rescuers enter the water to assist.  The event finishes when the first competitor in a team crosses the finish line at their allotted lane while in contact with the victim.

Landline Rescue Race


The event is only an Open and Women’s Divisions. Each team consists of 4 competitors: a victim at a buoy, a rescuer, and two landline pullers. At the start of the race, the rescuer who is attached to the landline will swim out to the victim waiting at the buoy. Once the victim’s arm is raised, the landline pullers shall commence pulling both victim and rescuer back to the beach. The victim must hold onto the rescuer at all times, but is permitted to kick while coming to shore. All 4 members must then cross the finish line in contact with each other in their designated lane.

Board Rescue Race


The event is only an Open and Women’s Divisions. The race starts with a swimmer/victim, who swims through the surf line to an assigned buoy. Once at the buoy, the victim pulls the lane marker to the water to signal the paddler to enter the water. The rescuer must paddle a rescue board through the surf line to the victim. Once at the buoy, the rescuer must circle the flag and pick up the victim. The two competitors must then tandem-paddle back to shore where they must finish as a team, in contact with the board, in their assigned lane.


The Open Division will lead the swim, followed by the Women, Seniors, then a combined Masters/Veterans Division. All competitors will race the same 200 meter run, 400 meter swim, 200 meter run course. Competitors will run 200 meters around a beach flag and back, swim through the surf line, around the two middle flags of the swim course, and back to shore where they will complete the final 200 meter run leg to the finish line.

Beach Relay

The event is only Open and Women’s Divisions. Teams of four individuals compete in baton relay fashion over a 90 meter course. There is a 5 meter exchange zone where competitors have the option of moving while taking the baton, but hands and body may not cross the front line before taking possession of the baton.  All competiors shall finish their leg of the event on their feet and in an upright position.

Beach Flags


The Open Division will lead the swim, followed by the Women, Seniors, then a combined Masters/Veterans Division. This is an individual event where the winner is determined by elimination, there always being one less flag (a modified piece of rubber hose) than competitors. All competitors line up by lying face down in the sand with their feet at the starting line. On the start command, the competitors rise, turn, and sprint to flags that are 20 meter away. All competitors race the same course. Competitors may register for more than one division. Heats will be established based on the number of contestants who register for the event.